Newsletter 2012 Issue 4

Education 101: An update on education reform in Philadelphia

In August, the Philadelphia Coalition for Public Schools (PCAPS) was born. The coalition—whose members include Bread & Roses grantees Youth United for Change and Philadelphia Student Union, as well as Action United, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers—is trying to define a community-based vision for schools.

Grants for Latino organizing

Thanks to a generous gift from the Saba Chai Five foundation—and the support of thousands of individual donors—Bread & Roses is offering grants to strengthen grassroots organizing in the region’s Latino communities.

Letter from the Executive Director

Meet the Board: Naomi Christine Leapheart

Naomi Christine Leapheart has a plan for the future of Philadelphia.

Donor Profile: Heather Davis

“I care about social justice because I pay attention to the people around me and to the striking differences in living conditions, educational opportunities, and health care access and outcomes,” says Heather.

Grantee Spotlight: Occupy Philadelphia

Occupy Philly, inspired by Occupy Wall Street, began in September 2011. Their demand to elected and corporate leaders was simple: Do something about economic inequality.

Grants In Action