Black-led, Black-centered Organizing Fund

Within the current political climate, attacks on Black communities are intensifying and organizers are responding with strength and power. To respond to this reality, Bread & Roses Community Fund’s Fall 2017 Giving Project is raising money and making grants to support Black-led, Black-centered organizing in our region through the one-time Black-led, Black-centered Organizing Fund.

Anti-black racism drives many forms of injustice occurring in our region. Over the last several years, Black communities across our region have been organizing to address issues such as mass incarceration, police brutality, the school to prison pipeline, gentrification and displacement, environmental racism, transphobia, and the exploitation of workers. 

Does my group qualify for a Black-led, Black-centered Organizing Fund grant? 

For the purposes of this fund, Black-led, Black-centered organizing is defined as organizing done by groups within which:

  • At least 50% of the leaders are Black-identified
  • Leadership is being developed from within Black communities
  • The group is working to address the concerns of Black communities in our region

The Black-led, Black-centered Organizing Fund will make grants to Black-led, Black-centered groups that:

  • Meet all Bread & Roses basic eligibility requirements and funding criteria
  • Have a long-term vision for and engage strategies that promote racial and/or economic justice
  • Are building a local base for taking collective action against the problem being addressed
  • Are changing the balance of power between community members and decision makers

The fund will support both established organizations and groups that are new, emerging, or new to Bread & Roses. 

What is the award size for the Black-led, Black-centered Organizing Fund? 

All grants will be $10,000. The number of grants made is dependent on the amount of money raised by the Fall 2017 Giving Project. 

Can we receive a grant from this fund and other Bread & Roses funds, too? 

Yes. All previous grantees are welcome to apply if they fit the criteria above. A group that receives a grant through the Black-led, Black-centered Organizing Fund is also eligible to receive a grant in 2018 in the Racial & Economic Justice Fund or Future Fund.

Who makes decisions about grants? 

The Fall 2017 Giving Project will raise money for the Black-led, Black-centered Organizing Fund and will make decisions about which groups will receive grants. 

How do I apply for a grant? 

The deadline to apply has passed. Applicants will be notified of grant decisions in March 2018. 

How do I support the Black-led, Black-centered Organizing Fund? 

Although fundraising for the Black-led, Black-centered Organizing Fund is now over, you can still support one of Bread & Roses’ core funds, the Racial & Economic Justice Fund, by making a donation now.


Email for more information or call 215.731.1007 ext. 206.