Andy Lamas

Andy Lamas has been a professor at the University of Pennsylvania since 1990 with a primary appointment in urban studies, where he focuses on social justice and economic democracy in the context of urbanization. He also teaches courses for students pursuing degrees and careers in social work, community development, NGO/non-profit leadership and related fields, and he is affiliated with women’s studies, the Alice Paul Center and the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center.Andy was a founding board member of the Center for Community Self-Help (which provides financing to more than 50,000 small businesses, nonprofits and homebuyers in North Carolina, with a particular focus on low-wealth minorities and women) and the Reinvestment Fund (which provides financing for affordable housing and community development in the Greater Philadelphia region). In the 1980s he served as the managing director of PACE, a nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia that was one of the nation’s leading providers of technical assistance for worker ownership and collaborated in the development of the nation’s first network of employee-owned and -operated supermarkets.