Casey Cook
executive director

As an advocate and community organizer, Casey Cook has brought her passion for real change to a range of social justice issues, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender liberation, access to health care for people with HIV, promoting harm reduction strategies for drug users and sex industry workers, and environmental justice.

Since 2006, Casey Cook has served as executive director of Bread & Roses Community Fund. Prior to joining the staff at Bread & Roses, Casey served as executive director at Prevention Point Philadelphia for six years. There she provided harm reduction services while advocating for access to health care for injection drug users, sex workers and transgender hormone users. During her tenure at Prevention Point Philadelphia, she co-founded the Trans-Health Information Project for transgender, transsexual, and gender-variant people.

Casey received her Bachelors in Women’s Studies and Education from Temple University, and her Master of Social Service and Master of Law and Social Policy from the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research at Bryn Mawr College.

Casey currently serves at the chair of the board of directors for the Funding Exchange and has previously served on the boards of the Center for Responsible Funding and Penn PIRG and as the former co-chair of Liberty City Democratic Club.

Nigel Charles
senior project manager

Nigel joined Bread & Roses in 2017 to support the growth of the Giving Project, which guides participants through a process of collective learning, fundraising, and grantmaking.

A Philadelphia native, Nigel has worked in education and workforce development organizations in Philadelphia and Camden. Most recently, he served as the community development assistant at Philadelphia LISC supporting program staff in planning and implementing community initiatives in Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Nigel has a master’s degree in urban studies from Eastern University and is passionate about racial, social, and economic justice, community violence, and community/police relations. Nigel lives in the East Falls neighborhood with his wife, Brittany, who is a school counselor in Northeast Philadelphia.

Maura Kelly
database & technology manager

Before joining the Bread & Roses team in 2011, Maura provided organizational support for a variety of local and international nonprofits, a small, community-based tax accounting firm, and also worked in disability advocacy. She has also been involved in grassroots LGBT and Fat Acceptance/Health at Every Size movements over the last two decades.

Though originally from north-central New Jersey, having lived the past twenty years in Center City she now considers Philadelphia to be her hometown, where she lives with her longtime boyfriend, Rob “Bird” Williams.

Maura has a bachelor’s in psychology from Temple University.

Jordyn Myers
project manager

Jordyn joined staff in 2019 after interning at Bread & Roses as a senior in college. Jordyn later returned to participate in the Fall 2017 Black-led, Black-centered Giving Project and then to co-facilitate the Fall 2018 Immigration Justice Giving Project. Before joining staff at Bread & Roses, Jordyn worked as a programming assistant at the University of Pennsylvania Civic House and as a facilitator and teaching assistant at Sayre High School and West Philly High School.

Jordyn holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Jordyn was raised in New Jersey but owes much of her growth to Philadelphia. As a lover of Octavia Butler and dystopian literature, Jordyn is dedicated to a queer Afrofuture and to holding on to moments of freedom wherever they can be found.

Karen Orrick
project manager

Karen brings radical joy, embodied experience supporting white and owning class people to work toward collective liberation, and over a decade of experience in anti-oppression facilitation and community building to the Bread & Roses team. She spent seven years at Project HOME, where she co-founded the Mission Nurture team, organized and hosted community-wide conversations that informed an equity transformation process, and supported the leadership development of formerly homeless residents.

Karen entered social movements through Resource Generation, organizing young people with wealth and class privilege to work towards the equitable redistribution of wealth, land, and power. Recently she has been organizing with Philly Thrive: Philadelphians who live at the fenceline of the largest fossil fuel refinery in the East Coast taking action for clean air, climate justice, and the Right to Breathe.

Karen participated in the Black-led Black-centered Organizing Giving Project in 2017, co-facilitated the Gender Justice Giving Project in 2018, and is thrilled to join a team supporting Philadelphians to move money to movements while practicing the world we want: shared resources and decision making, centering the leadership of people most impacted, and inviting our loved ones into our vision for change through collective action. Karen’s happy places are on a dance floor, floating in the ocean, or laughing too hard to speak.