Newsletter 2016 Issue 2


Table of Contents:

First-ever Bread & Roses Giving Project awards $189,000 in grants to grassroots organizers

This spring, 20 people committed to six months of intensive learning, giving, fundraising, and grantmaking as part of Bread & Roses Community Fund’s first-ever Giving Project, a new model for building leadership and moving money for real change.


Letter From the Executive Director


Meet Giving Project member and donor Elicia Gonzales

Why she gives: “I give because I really feel like not giving isn’t a choice. There’s too much at stake. I see day in and day out the racial and economic injustices in this city. To not give would be grossly unjust.”

 Philadelphia Coalition for REAL Justice organizes for Black resistance

Future Fund grantee, the Coalition for REAL Justice formed in 2014 in the wake of the Ferguson uprising and the murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. It takes a holistic approach to racial injustice by fighting against police brutality, stop-and-frisk policies, mass incarceration, environmental injustice, gentrification, and unfair educational standards.


Grants in Action