Newsletter 2014 Issue 2

newsletter 2014 issue #2 (links to pdf)

Table of Contents:

Introducing the New Community Grantmaking Committee

If someone handed you $10,000 and asked you to give it away to grassroots organizations in the Philadelphia area, which groups would you choose? Bread & Roses Community Fund puts its grant decisions in the hands of the people who are closest to the issues: community organizers, activists, and donors who have firsthand knowledge of how to make social change in Philadelphia.

Letter from the Executive Director

Meet Bread & Roses donor Leah Pillsbury

Every Sunday at church when she was growing up, Leah’s parents gave her and her siblings an allowance. That same morning before leaving, they were required to take a portion and donate it to the church. “Philanthropy was part of my life for as long as I can remember,” she says. “It was both a civic and religious duty — that was clear from the beginning. But it was also more than that: a responsibility for anyone who had something to give.”

Find out who the 2014 Bread & Roses grantees are

Tribute to Change celebrates movement building

In a prison infirmary, a nurse refuses to force-feed a prisoner who is on a hunger strike.

In the conference room of a large private foundation, a young grassroots organization decides not to take funding that requires “toning down” their direct action tactics.

In a faculty lounge, a teacher speaks up when he hears a colleague make a racist joke about a student.

Behind closed doors, a person’s character is truly revealed. Choosing to act on your conscience in the face of injustice is morally righteous but often lonely. At the Tribute to Change on June 24, hundreds of Philadelphia-area changemakers gathered to publicly celebrate brave people who have taken enormous risks to demand freedom.

Grants in Action