Racial & Economic Justice Fund Grantees

The Racial & Economic Justice Fund supports groups that are engaged in direct-action community organizing in the Philadelphia region to promote racial and economic justice at the local, state, national, or international policy levels. You can learn about eligibility criteria here.

2016 Grantees

15 Now Philly is the local chapter of the national movement to fight for a $15 an hour living wage. 15 Now Philly is committed to fighting for income equality through their campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15 in Philadelphia, prevent the building of a football stadium in North Philadelphia, and broadly fight for working class liberation. 15 Now Philly organizes low wage workers and students to participate in direct actions to generate the grassroots political pressure necessary to win this bold reform. | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Tumblr

ACT UP Philadelphia uses direct action to address social inequities that impact people living with HIV/AIDS, and those at risk of infection. They are working to end the AIDS crisis in Philadelphia through preventing homelessness and providing permanent housing to folks regardless of their history and status. | Website | Facebook

ACTION United is a membership organization of low and moderate income Pennsylvanians working to build power through organizing communities to win changes on the issues that are important to them. Their Climate Organizing Project is fighting for a 100% renewable energy based economy that provides green jobs and an end to oil and gas expansion in Philadelphia. They are pressuring decision-makers and elected officials to oppose oil and gas expansion and engaging in a campaign to pass solutions-oriented policy that is community-controlled and creates thousands of green jobs for low-income communities and communities of color. | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Tumblr

AAU’s Chinese Youth Organizing Project’s youth stand with #BlackLivesMatter.

AAU’s Chinese Youth Organizing Project’s youth stand with #BlackLivesMatter.

Asian Americans United is committed to nurturing and training new generations of Asian Americans committed to working for social justice. Their Chinatown Youth Organizing Project is a culturally and linguistically supportive space for a rapidly growing population of Philadelphia immigrant youth to build their leadership and understanding and to collectively address the injustices they face. Asian Americans United is working to empower youth to take on the struggle for social justice and connect the specific struggles of this community to the struggles of the larger Philadelphia community as a whole. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Earth Quaker Action Team is a grassroots, nonviolent action group including Quakers and people of diverse beliefs, who join with millions of people around the world fighting for a just and sustainable economy. Their Power Local Green Jobs campaign calls on PECO to take responsibility for creating green jobs by making a major shift to relying on locally generated solar power for electricity and focusing on rooftop panels in high-unemployment neighborhoods hit hardest by decades of disinvestment and barriers to employment. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coalition brings together community stake holders in planning and advocating for an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable future for Eastwick residents. Through education, communication, and advocacy, they aim to improve the quality of life for current and future residents by providing a means for them to plan for their future and right social injustices of the past. | Website | Twitter

JUNTOS is a Latino immigrant community led organization in Philadelphia fighting for human rights as workers, parents, youth, and immigrants. They work to combat racism in immigrant communities, push back on anti-immigrant bills, keep local police and ICE separate, and end the unjust detention of the immigrant community. Currently, they are working on the #ShutDownBerks campaign to shut down Berks family detention center. | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

National Institute for Healthy Human Spaces (NIHHS) pursues the science of healthy environments and promotes advocacy that positively affects where humans live, in order to reduce illness and disabilities, and promote clean sustainable cities. They are continuing and expanding their environmental justice work beginning in Camden, NJ in towns prone to flooding, building networks, and conducting environmental justice work in the Philadelphia area. They will target areas plagued by school inequality, companies that pollute the air water and soil, and will expose lead poisoning in homes in three selected towns, selected school systems, and in their area water systems. | Website

New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia (NSM) builds a community across faith, ethnicity, and class to end injustices against immigrants. They are fighting anti-immigrant threats by launching the Sanctuary in the Streets raid response, pushing for driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, building power, and developing leaders in immigrant communities. |Website | Facebook Twitter | Youtube

PCAC members rally outside of City Hall before heading in for lobby visits to Council members

PCAC members rally outside of City Hall before heading in for lobby visits to Council members

Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable Communities (PCAC) is a coalition of community, disability, faith, labor and urban agriculture organizations. Their Development Without Displacement Campaign is a grassroots organizing movement to promote legislation that prevents displacement of low-income Philadelphians from gentrifying communities. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Philadelphia Jobs with Justice (JWJ) is a local, autonomous coalition of labor unions, community groups, and religious and student labor solidarity organizations. Their Good Neighbors Campaign has made payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTS) a major issue, and they are launching an escalating direct action campaign to pressure Mayor Kenney to enact a PILOT program by 2017, an initiative that could raise at least $38 million in funds for public schools and services. | Website Facebook Twitter | Youtube

Put People First! PA provides a vehicle for poor and working residents in Southeast Pennsylvania who are directly impacted by healthcare inequities, such as under-insurance, a lack of dental care, poor healthcare in the prison system, and a lack of healthcare access due to undocumented status. Their goal is to push for universality, participation, equity, transparency, and accountability in the healthcare system through transformative organizing, base building, and direct action. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Reconstruction Inc. effects social change by developing individuals who were formerly incarcerated into an organized community of leaders working together to transform the criminal justice system, their communities and themselves. Their Fight For Lifers program uses a Community Capacity Building Curriculum that focuses on women lifers and returning women in order to produce sustainable leadership. Reconstruction Inc. educates and empowers sentenced women so that they can then change their own communities and reduce recidivism. | Website | Facebook

Urban Creators is a grassroots organization that empowers inner-city neighborhoods to transform neglected landscapes into dynamic safe-spaces that foster connectivity, self-sufficiency, and innovation. They are mobilizing North Philadelphia communities to develop direct action strategies and campaigns to forge social and economic justice from the ground up, and to amplify the voice of their community and youth through dynamic public events like the Hoodstock Festival, the Youth Action Assembly, and the Uptown Block Party. | Website | Facebook Instagram

Youth United for Change (YUC) is a youth-led, democratic organization made up of youth of color and low-income youth, deeply committed to building a youth-led movement for a high quality education system for all young people. Their annual Summer Leadership Institute and Winter Retreat programs bring together new and current YUC members to learn the skills necessary to build power and reshape their educational experiences and communities, as well as to explore the history of oppression in Philadelphia and the importance of anti-oppression politics in remaking Philly public schools. | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

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