2016 Grantees

Racial & Economic Justice Fund

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15 Now Philly is the local chapter of the national movement for a $15-an-hour living wage and addresses wider equity issues, including fighting construction of Temple’s new stadium in North Philadelphia. | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Tumblr

ACT UP Philadelphia working to end the AIDS crisis in Philadelphia, using direct action to address social inequities that impact people living with HIV/AIDS and those at risk of infection. | Website | Facebook

ACTION United organizes Pennsylvanians with low and moderate incomes to fight for 100% renewable energy, green jobs, and an end to oil and gas industry expansion in Philadelphia. | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Tumblr

Asian Americans United‘s Chinatown Youth Organizing Project nurtures and trains Philadelphia’s rapidly growing population of immigrant youth in a culturally and linguistically supportive space to collectively address the injustices they face. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Earth Quaker Action Team Earth Quaker Action Team is a grassroots group of Quakers and people of diverse beliefs working to build a just and sustainable economy through nonviolent direct action. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coalition brings together community stakeholders to plan and advocate for an environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable future for Eastwick residents.| Website | Twitter

JUNTOS is a Latinx community organization fighting for human rights for workers, parents, youth, and immigrants.| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

The National Institute for Healthy Human Spaces (NIHHS) promotes healthy environments and advocates for measures to reduce illness and disabilities and foster clean, sustainable cities.| Website

New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia (NSM)  is fighting anti-immigrant initiatives, pushing for driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, developing leaders in immigrant communities, and building community across faith, ethnicity, and class to end injustice against immigrants.| Website | Facebook Twitter | Youtube

Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable Communities (PCAC) unites community, disability, faith, labor, and urban agriculture organizations to promote legislation that prevents Philadelphians with low incomes from getting displaced by gentrification. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Philadelphia Jobs with Justice (JWJ)  is an autonomous coalition of labor unions, community groups, and religious and student labor solidarity organizations working to demand that local institutions adopt a payments-in-lieu-of-taxes system. | Website Facebook Twitter | Youtube

Put People First!  organizes poor and working-class residents throughout Pennsylvania to push for universality, participation, equity, transparency, and accountability in the health care system through transformative organizing, base building, and direct action.| Website | Facebook | Twitter

Reconstruction Inc. cultivates individuals who were formerly incarcerated into an organized community of leaders working together to transform the criminal justice system, their communities, and themselves.| Website | Facebook

Urban Creators is a grassroots organization that empowers neighborhoods to transform neglected landscapes into dynamic, safe spaces that foster connectivity, self-sufficiency, and innovation. | Website | Facebook Instagram

Youth United for Change (YUC) is a youth-led, democratic organization of youth of color and working-class communities committed to ensuring a high-quality education system for all young people.| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Future Fund

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Girls Justice League is a girls’ rights organization dedicated to taking action for social, political, educational, and economic justice for girls and young women.| Website | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramTumblr

Philadelphia Coalition for Racial Economic and Legal (REAL) Justice  works to end the epidemic of state violence disproportionately faced by communities of color. | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |Tumblr

PhilaPOSH the Philadelphia Area Project on Occupational Safety and Health, is made up of unions, health professionals, and legal professionals working together to ensure safe, protected workplaces and rights for injured workers.| Website | Facebook

Soil Generation is a coalition of Philadelphia organizations and individuals who support equity and social justice for community-managed green space, gardens, and farms through advocacy, grassroots organizing, and community education.| Website | Facebook

Spiral Q builds strong and equitable communities characterized by creativity, joy, can-do attitudes, and the courage to act on their convictions, and holds the annual Peoplehood Parade to challenge discrimination in all its harmful forms.| Website |  Facebook | Twitter

Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative

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1Love Movement a community network of grassroots organizers working to unite Southeast Asian communities, is running an #EndDisplacement campaign to spotlight criminal deportation in the U.S. and propose a solution. | Website | Facebook

Ardella’s House is a transitional program that addresses pressing issues for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and aims to change the circumstances of women’s lives one by one while also changing the systems that create barriers| Facebook

Books Through Bars Books Through BarsAddress This! project aims to provide innovative, radical, educational courses by mail to individuals currently incarcerated throughout Pennsylvania. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

The Elevation Project is a re-entry program that works to discover and meet the unique needs of people returning to society from a lengthy prison sentence through therapeutic groups, job readiness training, and job placement.| Website

Hearts on a Wire Collective is a group of trans and gender-variant people and those working in solidarity with them both inside and outside of prisons that publishes quarterly zines and provides needs-responsive support.| Website | Facebook

MOVE is republishing its book 25 Years on the MOVE and training young people in home renovation skills while also teaching them about social justice issues| Website | Facebook

Pennsylvania Innocence Project is a nonprofit law firm working to exonerate the convicted innocent and prevent innocent people from being convicted.| Website | Facebook | Twitter

Pennsylvania Prison Society, a social justice organization advocating on behalf of prisoners, their families, and formerly incarcerated individuals, is starting a peer support group for returning citizens to promote collective activism | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Prison Radio seeks to protect, defend, and amplify the uncensored voices of prisoners in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania by recording and distributing essays and interviews with incarcerated people| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Sisters Returning Home  seeks to protect, defend, and amplify the uncensored voices of prisoners in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania by recording and distributing essays and interviews with incarcerated people | Website | Facebook

Urban Creators is a grassroots organization that empowers neighborhoods to transform neglected landscapes into dynamic, safe spaces that foster connectivity, self-sufficiency, and innovation.| Website | Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Veterans Legal Foundation is a coalition advocating for expansion of legal and social services and treatment intervention for incarcerated military veterans.| Website

Why Not Prosper  is a faith-based grassroots organization founded by a formerly incarcerated woman to help other formerly incarcerated women find employment and housing, reunite with their children, and not return to prison.| Website

X-Offenders for Community Empowerment — which organizes formerly convicted people to reduce recidivism, prevent violent crime, and access essential services — is hosting Pardon Me clinics to teach people how to get convictions cleared from their permanent records.| Facebook | Twitter

Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project (YASP)  holds art and poetry workshops for youth incarcerated in adult jails and is raising awareness about the school-to-prison pipeline and building a youth movement to resist and dismantle it.| Website | Facebook | Twitter

Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project (YSRP) works to transform the experiences of children prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system and to eliminate the practice of sentencing children as adults.| Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Opportunity Fund

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Donor Advised Fund Program

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End AIDS in Ghana Fund

One Percent Fund

Resources for Racial Justice in Philly and Ferguson