Abdul-Hakim ‘Ali

Hakim AliAbdul-Hakim ’Ali was born in Washington, N.C., and came to Philadelphia with his family at a very young age. He is a member the Action Committee of Decarcerate PA, a leading organization seeking an end to mass incarceration and the harms it brings our many communities through direct action to stop prison construction and expansion. Hakim has been a practicing Muslim since 1969 and has held the position of imam in both federal and state institutions. He also was an Islamic instructor at Community College of Philadelphia and Cheney State University. He helped establish a Muslim Student Association at Community College of Philadelphia in 2004. He received an associate’s degree from Hagerstown Junior College and a bachelor’s degree from Morgan State University.

Hakim is currently the PR/outreach coordinator for Reconstruction Inc. and serves as the administrative assistant for the projects and programs within Reconstruction’s umbrella. He is a returning citizen, released in 2003 after serving almost 40 years in federal and state institutions. It was during this period of incarceration that Hakim received his academic degrees. He is currently involved with many community organizations, including the Support Network for Returning Citizens and EXIT-US. These groups focus on getting justice for those who are deprived of it and serve as a force opposing those who would deny justice to others. Hakim made a determination that it is far better to give back to his community than to deprive it of the wealth and safety that it deserves, and he views himself as the voice of the voiceless.