40th Anniversary Tribute to Change: 40 Years of Resistance

40 years of resistance logoBread & Roses Community Fund will be celebrating our 40th anniversary Tribute to Change on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts located 128 N Broad St in Philadelphia. Please join us!

Each year the Tribute to Change brings together people who care about social justice in the Philadelphia region to connect with each other, to celebrate recent victories, and to help raise funds for movements in Philadelphia, the next chapter of the story of grassroots change.

This Tribute to Change we will be celebrating 40 years of resistance. We will be focusing our Tribute to Change awards on our community of change makers and resistance fighters, and Bread and Roses Community Fund’s support of resistance movements over the past 40 years.

Will you help us look back into our history to find the change makers who took on leadership roles but who also spent their time nurturing the development of new resistance fighters and leaders?

Funds raised from the Tribute to Change will be used to support Bread & Roses’ programs supporting resistance movements and their leaders in the coming year.

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For this year’s Tribute to Change, we will be honoring resistance leaders who have dedicated their time to mentoring, inspiring and developing leadership in others. People who have committed to building more unified, committed, clear, and effective leaders–planting seeds for tomorrow’s movements.

We are currently seeking nominations for honorees for the 40th anniversary Tribute to Change.

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40th anniversary Tribute to Change planning committee

We are lucky to have an awesome group of leaders planning our special anniversary Tribute to Change. We are deeply grateful for the hard work of each member of the 2017 Tribute to Change planning committee.

David Acosta
Richard Baron
Elisabeth Bass
Kathy Black
Hillary Blecker
Diego Bouguerra
Drick Boyd
Jolley Bruce Christman
Joan Davitt
Thomas Earle
Harvey Finkle
Molly Frantz
Gloria Gilman
Steve Gold
Benjamin W. Goldstein
Janet Goldwater
Patrice Green
Jamaal Henderson
Cheri Honkala
Jean Hunt
Jennifer N. Jordan
Andrew Lamas
Nora Lichtash
Jeri A. Nutter
R. Tyson Smith
Nick Ospa
Arun Prabhakaran
Linda Richardson
Hannah Sassaman
Susan Schewel
Shelley Smith
Julia Stone
Elizabeth Thul
Anna Weisberg
Carrie Young