In memoriam: Libby Harman

Person with glasses smiling, looking at camera

Credit: Jacques-Jean Tiziou

Libby Harman, a member of the spring 2017 Giving Project and longtime supporter of Bread & Roses, passed away Feb. 22 in hospice care at home.

“Libby was a vibrant person with a real zest for life, and I was lucky to know her,” says executive director Casey Cook. “When she believed in something, she gave it her all. She brought her whole heart to the Giving Project because she wanted to make racial and economic justice a reality.”

Libby was a skilled and compassionate women’s health nurse practitioner who worked for 38 years at Womencare OB/GYN in Abington. She was a dedicated member of congregation Mishkan Shalom, an avid dancer, and a talented quilter and fabric artist. Libby is survived by her spouse, Sharon Coulson Downes; her daughter, Grace; her sister, Janet; her brother-in-law, Cesar; her nephews Danilo and Emilio; and her mother, Liz.

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