2009 Newsletter Issue 1

Behind the Headlines: The Power of Community Organizing

At Bread & Roses, supporting activists and organizers at the community level has been our approach to change for over 30 years. Every grant we make supports community-led efforts to strengthen our neighborhoods, our workplaces and our schools.

Letter from the executive director

Meet our board members: Arun Prabhakaran

For some people, being arrested and shackled to a metal bench might feel like a high price to pay for their beliefs. But for Arun Prabhakaran, it was a turning point that made his commitment to social justice even stronger. “I was chained to a bench… but I realized that by taking an act of civil disobedience and standing up for my values, I was freer than I’d ever been.”

Donor Spotlight: Steve & Barbra Gold

“We’ve always asked ourselves, ‘Do we want to live in a country that is more in line with our values?’ If we do, that’s something we have to make an investment in.”

Grantee Spotlight: Ending Environmental Racism in Chester

One of the worst examples of environmental racism in the United States is right here in our region. Chester, a low-income, predominantly black community, is saddled with nearly all of the polluting industries in the Delaware Valley. But the DelCo Alliance for Environmental Justice is organizing Chester residents to improve the environment and their community’s health.

Tribute to Change

Once again, Bread & Roses’ annual Tribute to Change honored outstanding leaders who embody the power of community-led social action.